GM TURBO SUPER MAXX is premium dog food high in protein.

Available in 1kg and 10kg bags.

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    Super Mac Dog Food

    Combining the two powerful turbo

    From super and super magic, therefore being born as ‘SUPER MAXX’

    • High protein
    • Focus on structure
    • Accelerate fat growth
    • Nourishing semen
    • Add milk

    Nutritional value

    • Nutrition that is rich in growth and development
    • Lecithin promotes brain development
    • Calcium and phosphorus help bones and teeth
    • L-Carnitine x2 for strong and non-sticky muscles
    • Protein (not less than) 33% fat (not less than 20%)
    • Fiber (Maximum) Moisture 3% (Maximum) 10%
    • Calcium (no less than) 1.2% Phosphorus (not less than 1%)

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    10kg, 1kg

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