Expertasia Bully Camp

A few years ago, we were subdued by the charms and the blue eyes of a puppy. My friend couldn’t stand to leave him and brought him home. We called him ‘Rak’, what means ‘Love’ in Thai. At that time we had no idea that Rak was going to change our life forever!

Once we came back home, most people claimed that American Bullies were killers that must be avoided. They said they were a threat to their life and the life of their kids!

We found this to be completely untrue and fell in love with them. The reason we started the Expertasia Bully Camp is as simple as that. Over time the dogs we have raised have changed our lives.  We founded Expertasia Bully Camp and have raised and bred more than 40 American Bullies in our home with our children, with our cats, and with our team showing passion and pride for the breed. Above all giving our dogs the proper care and affection they deserve!

The Expertasia Bully Camp Team

Our team now consists of 5 full time carers under the guidance of Philippe Van Laethem. We are all serious dog lovers with practical skills including training in dog behavior, nutrition, grooming and socializing. We provide a secure, trustworthy environment in which we raise our dogs. We also provide a dog hotel service were you can leave your pet while you are away. From specialists in dog behavior, dog breeders to veterinarians, from obedience trainers to groomers Expertasia Bully camp always puts the dogs first and we are driven by a love and passion for excellence.

We strive to be the best caregivers your pup could have! Everyone on staff is a serious dog lover with practical training in dog behavior and certifications.

Philippe Van Laethem - Expertasia Bully Camp Chiang Mai

Our Mission

We are American Bully breeders with not only a vision, but a passion.

To ensure the breed’s future and success, we strive to work hands in hand with other breeders to produce not only beautiful dogs, but dogs that are stable and healthy, with quality bloodlines which embody only the best of the best of American Bully lineage.

Expertasia Bully Camp choose to breed Bullies from some of the famous American Bully Bloodlines. We sell the finest quality Bully dogs and pups. We have some of the most well-known Bully bloodlines. Dogs that have high-quality American Bully Bloodline for breeders seeking to breed Bullies. Many of them have studs that have won lots of titles in various Bully dog shows.

Running a dog breeding business isn’t easy just like any other business venture. Starting this type of business requires a significant investment of time and effort as well as money for dogs, licensing and veterinarian care. The business can be rewarding if you love a particular breed and have the patience to develop your business gradually.

Expertasia Bully Camp Chiang Mai