At Expertasia Bully Camp we offer both individual and group Chiang Mai dog training courses.
During our dog training classes we focus on sociability and obedience.

Dog education

Education is an important medium for acquiring essential knowledge and skills.

Do you know?

Just as each and every human in the world has different fingerprints, each dog has also a different snout.

Each and every child needs to be educated to acquire essential knowledge and skills. Dogs also need to be educated in order to achieve good integration within its social group on the one hand, and within your family and society on the other.

Educating a dog is learning to observe it, to feel it, to respect it, to understand it.

To educate a dog, mutual respect is required.

Dogs have their own language. You can learn to communicate with dogs thanks to our qualified and experienced dog professionals.

Dog Training Classes - Chiang Mai

Our dog training courses

Whether for a puppy or an adult dog, any learning must be done in a very progressive way.

Individual dog training classes

During your first class we will evaluate your present partnership with your dog. During this period an education strategy will be created. Subsequently, the dog will be integrated into our group lessons (maximum of five dogs in the field).

Dog Training Courses Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai dog training courses

Group lessons

A dog becomes socialized by interacting with other canines and learning their verbal cues and body language. For pups, socialization will start in their litter. They then progress to interacting with other dogs as well as humans and families. The socialization period of a dog takes 2-3 months. During this time we teach social skills and positive interaction with other dogs and humans.

Various games and canine exercises will be used to improve the relationship between the dogs and their owners. In this way the learn sociability and obedience.

Sociability & Games

We will introduce a series of games with your dog in the initial individual lessons. Subsequently we will develop this further in small groups. We give special attention to your dog during these sessions. We work in an group environment where they feel comfortable, safe and loved. Our main focus:



Obedience is the basis for life between you and your companion. It is learned and taught based on a pleasurable and positive relationship with your dog. We reward with food, toys and attractive games. The goal is his well-being and a strong connection between you and him.

Our Chiang Mai Dog Training Classes

Expertasia Bully Camp Individual training courses

  • Where?
    Expertasia Bully Camp
    287 Moo 8, Baan Wiwek, Nong Han, Sansai, Chiang Mai 50290
  • When?
    Every, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    On appointment.
  • How long?
    Classes are 50 minutes long.
  • Price?
    700.-THB/course and minimum package of 6 individual courses and 12 group courses.
    500.-THB/group course

Package of 18 courses = 14,400, -THB

Individual training courses at your place

  • Where?
    At your place in Chiang Mai City & surrounding
  • How long?
    Classes are 50 minutes long.
  • When?
    By appointment.
  • Price?
    800.-THB/course and minimum package of 18 individual courses + transportation costs depending on your location.

18 individual courses = 10,800, -THB + transportation costs

Expertasia Bully Camp group training courses

  • Where?
    Expertasia Bully Camp
    287 Moo 8, Baan Wiwek, Nong Han, Sansai, Chiang Mai 50290
  • When?
    Every Friday and Sunday.
    17.00 hours and 18.00 hours
  • How long?
    Classes are 50 minutes long.
  • How many dogs?
    Minimum 3 to maximum 5 dogs on the field.
  • Price?
    600.-THB/ course and minimum package of 18 courses.

18 group courses = 14,400, -THB


You must pay for packages in advance. They are non-refundable and valid for 1 year.

*Note: during the courses dogs remain constantly under the responsibility of their owner/keeper.